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Realtime monitoring/tracking


The necessity of maintaining reliable documentation and information system implies considerable efforts and concerns regarding the follow-up and traceability of operations, equipment replacements and supply of spare parts so as not to cause any delays.  

All PM, CM and AM documents will be maintained and returned (work-order linked to the adaptive and curative operations) by the end of the month or latest within 5 working days.

Monthly assessment and all actions/rectifications realized on every site will be provided to the CUSTOMER.

For every site, a dashboard of synthesis will include the following:

-  Date of the visit

-  Type of the visit

-  Time of the visit

-  Information on the last draining of oil (date and generator hourly running, checking the meter)

-  Curative actions realized during the visit

-  Level of the tank

-  Possible remarks

-  Quantity of oil and filters changed

-  Changed device provided by the subcontractor

At the beginning and at the end of each intervention REDINET CJSC will contact the monitoring to inform on the subject and the result of the visit.