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Site field intervention


REDINET CJSC will set up 365/24/7 Operation room and will commit itself to be available all times. REDINET CJSC is engaged with an obligatory result as regards the respect for the deadline of restoring the operations by immediate intervention of maintenance.

An intervention will be guaranteed during 4 hours as from the moment when the monitoring of CUSTOMER will have validated the correspondence of the intervention (validation by the monitoring before leaving the site). The monitoring will inform REDINET CJSC about the type of breakdown and the warning indications. This guarantee by monitoring applies only to breakdowns diagnosed by the CUSTOMER and requiring change of characterized elements, and/or the quality of the executed works, the interventions for search of complex breakdowns are excluded from it. (Temporary Power Generator will be provided by REDINET CJSC to install and resolve the issue. REDINET CJSC informs monitoring of the CUSTOMER till the issue is resolved).

During an intervention, the provider has to arrange elements necessary for proper execution of the intervention and associated controls, notably the spare parts. Spare parts will be provided by the CUSTOMER. REDINET CJSC will keep sufficient stock of spares depending upon the number of sites. Each important item is to be kept in the maintenance vehicle, as well as all other required spares and tool kits for the curative interventions. This is mandatory, otherwise the intervention would not be considered as reliable by the CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMER will support REDINET CJSC with access to the site. Sites will be given in a state so as not to cause any difficulty to the implementation of operations, provided that any constraints or risk towards the workers should be eliminated. All necessary information regarding the access to the sites should be provided by the CUSTOMER.

List will be provided by the CUSTOMER for the Sites where it is not possible to access 24/7, or if there are some difficulties during some seasons.

On receiving the work-order:

REDINET CJSC will maintain and update all information of the work-order and it will be the responsibility of REDINET CJSC to maintain this record.

Several interventions on the same site can be requested by the CUSTOMER to optimize the interventions for the subcontractor.

If there is a need to replace the faulty power generator by an operational power generator on the same place, this operation will be the subject to a separate invoice for performing any work to replace the original Generator. The CUSTOMER will have power generators in the spare parts. These generators will be placed in the CUSTOMER Offices for emergency needs. The generators will be mobile and will be handling all emergency issues. However, regardless of the generator replacement, REDINET CJSC will keep one small generator for each intervention case which causes power outage.

REDINET CJSC will inform the CUSTOMER for replacement of the faulty generator. Time will be noted from when the CUSTOMER monitoring acknowledges the replacement indicated by REDINET CJSC. Thereafter, the CUSTOMER monitoring will:

        1. Note the time when REDINET CJSC called. 

        2. Arrange for sending the mobile generator.

       3. Time calculation for all penalties in this case will not be applied and charged to REDINET CJSC since the delay will now be from the CUSTOMER side, until the time when the generator arrives and is in position for work. Only then the time for penalty will be calculated (in case of delays of more than the stipulated time).

The time of repair works due to consequences of vandalism or special event (war, natural catastrophe …) are not included in the flat rate. The works regarding the modification on the stability of the pylon are not included.