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This service allows operators to benefit from a fast and efficient way to verify the Quality of Service of their networks regarding coverage and quality from the perspective of its users. "REDINET" CSJC offers a complete solution (Drive Test and consultants) that enables operators and suppliers to have a very effective method to evaluate and correct weaknesses detected in the network, thus ensuring the high quality of voice and data services for subscribers. The delivered Drive Test reports disclose practical information and analysis of the area involved.

In 2009 Redinet CJSC started provision of drive test services for mobile operators. Our specialists are equipped with sophisticated tool kits, such as NEMO OUTDOOR, NEMO HANDY, NEMO ANALYZE, R&S SPECTRUM ANALYZER etc.. Our services include:

1. Single site verification, 

2. Cluster verification,

    - checking neighbors
    - checking azimuths/tilts
    - data test (GPRS / EDGE / HSPA)

3. Before and after test reports
4. Scanning / interference estimation
5. Drive test confirmation
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