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Internal security systems usually prove inappropriate for securing communications across the Internet because they are either proprietary (to a company or a specific vendor) or do not utilize reliable data encryption, or both. Proprietary systems frequently require users to install specific software components on their PCs, which is impractical in an environment of public users. Of course, transmitting unencrypted data is suicidal in online retailing or any other Internet business.

PKI is a combination of software, encryption technology and server-based services designed to fill this void. It secures communication with the very features that most internal systems lack. It uses open, commonly applied standards and encryptors both for authentication process and the data. PKI includes other discrete security technologies, such as digital certificates, but is distinguished by its systemic approach. A complete PKI system manages (or obtains service from) certification authorities, rather than simply assuming their availability and utilizing them within applications.

Redinet CJSC helps organizations meet or exceed their security goals by providing software solutions that: 

       • protect digital identities through authentication
       • protect information assets through encryption
       • create layered security environments and promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and synergy.

In close cooperation with our partners we provide scalable and cost effective Security Solutions for:

       • Governments
       • Enterprises
       • Financial Institutions
       • Small and medium business companies.

Whether it is strong authentication for employees and customers, encryption of e-mail and desktop files, or digital signatures to enable online workflow processes, Redinet CJSC has the trusted experience and solutions to meet enterprise security needs.

       • Desktop Security
       • Laptop Security
       • File Encryption

       • Secure File Transfers.




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